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In this paper, a secure cross-layer--based routing technique (SCLARDI) for a mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is proposed. This technique makes use of ad hoc on-demand routing protocol (AODV) algorithms and honeypot technology to detect and isolate black hole attacks from MANETs. This novel system is compared with the single-layer design techniques and existing cross-layer detection techniques. Out of the tested models, the proposed cross-layer design is the most suitable for MANET security. First, the vulnerabilities of the AODV routing protocol against black hole attacks are analyzed. Second, a secure cross-layer--based AODV routing technique is proposed. The proposed SCLARDI technique detects and isolates black hole attacks from MANET. Finally, the results are compared with the existing techniques. The simulations are done using NS-2. The simulation results show that the proposed technique improves the packet delivery ratio and reduces network overhead, normalized routing load, and packet drop ratio compared to other existing single-layer and cross-layer techniques.


Ad hoc on-demand routing protocol, black hole attacks, cross layer, mobile ad hoc network, packet delivery ratio

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