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The transient performance of a solar chimney power plant (SCPP) with a heat storage layer is evaluated in the present study. A modified TRNSYS type is built. The ground temperature, wind velocity at the chimney inlet, and the power capacity over two typical days are simulated and compared with and without considering the heat storage layer. SCPP performances with six ground materials (granite, limestone, sandstone, sand, wet soil, and water) are compared. The parameters are postponed for 2-3 h when the heat storage layer is considered. This is the multieffect of solar irradiation, air characteristics, and ambient temperature. The SCPP with sand as the heat storage layer material holds the best performance in the daytime and night. Considering its abundant distribution, ease of acquisition, cheap cost, and high performance, sand is suggested as the ground material for SCPPs.


Solar chimney power plant, solar chimney, heat storage, TRNSYS simulation

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