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Public clouds are becoming ripe for enterprise adoption. Many companies, including large enterprises, are increasingly relying on public clouds as a substitute for, or a supplement to, their own computing infrastructures. On the other hand, cloud storage service has attracted over 625 million users. However, apart from the storage service, other cloud services, such as the computing service, have not yet attracted the end users' interest for economic and technical reasons. Cloud service providers offers horizontal scalability to make their services scalable and economical for enterprises while it is still not economical for the individual users to use their computing services due to the lack of vertical scalability. Moreover, current virtualization technologies and operating systems, specifically the guest operating systems installed on virtual machines, do not support the concept of vertical scalability. In addition, network remote access protocols are meant to administer remote machines but they are unable to run the nonadministrative tasks such as playing heavy games and watching high quality videos remotely in a way that makes the users feel as if they are sitting locally on their personal machines. On the other hand, the industry is yet unable to make efficient wearable computers a reality due to the limited size of the wearable devices, where it is infeasible to place efficient processors and big enough hard disks. This paper aims to highlight the need for the vertical scalability service and design the appropriate cloud, virtualization layer, and operating system services to incorporate vertical scalability in current cloud platforms in a way that will make it economically and technically efficient for the end users to use cloud virtual machines as if they are using their personal laptops. Through these services, the cloud takes wearable computing to the next stage and makes wearable computers a reality.


Cloud computing, wearable computing, virtualization technology, horizontal scalability, vertical scalability

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