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Carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNFETs) utilize an array of carbon nanotubes as the channel material instead of bulk silicon in the traditional MOSFET structure, which holds great promise for the future of integrated circuits. In this paper, a full adder cell based on a parallel design using CNFETs is presented. The main objective of designing this full adder cell is to reduce critical path delay in CNFET-based adder circuits. The proposed design positively affects speed and power consumption by shortening the data path. In order to evaluate the proposed design, several simulations were performed with different load capacitors, frequencies, and temperatures using HSPICE in 32-nm CMOS and 32-nm CNFET technologies. The proposed full adder cells were compared with five other full adder cells using 4-bit ripple carry adder (RCA) and 8-bit RCA circuits with power consumption, speed, and power delay product parameters. The obtained results indicate that the proposed design is faster than other designs due to a shortened data path. The results of the simulations confirm the higher efficiency of the proposed full adder cell with respect to other designs.


Arithmetic circuits, critical path delay, CNFET, full adder cell, nanoscale, speed

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