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In this paper, the control of a multifunction grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system with a three-phase three-level (3L) neutral point clamped (NPC) inverter is proposed, which can perform shunt active filtering. Normally, the shunt active filtering is achieved by detecting the harmonic and reactive currents of the nonlinear load and then injecting the compensating current into the grid. Therefore, the proposed system can inject PV power to a grid with power factor correction and current harmonic filtering features simultaneously. In addition, a single-stage compact and efficient transformerless power conversion topology is used in this paper for the grid-connected solar PV system with maximum power point tracking capability. In order to control the multilevel inverter-based combined system, a synchronous reference frame control technique and hysteresis current control pulse width modulation method have been applied. The system configuration and control strategy are verified and validated by simulations based on MATLAB/Simulink and implemented in real-time using the dSPACE DS1103 controller board. The simulation with experimental results indicates that the injected currents are sinusoidal and current total harmonic distortion is about 3.9%, lower than the IEEE 519 harmonic limit.


Active filter, harmonic distortion, multilevel inverter, photovoltaic power system, reactive power

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