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A radome-enclosed extremely wideband cylindrical dipole antenna for wireless communications applications was proposed with a simple structure. The antenna is fed at the center with the help of a coaxial cable through the lower hollow metallic pole. The feed area is composed of cones at both sides in order to obtain wideband impedance matching. The proposed antenna can cover 1.8 GHz to 28 GHz with S11 of less than -10 dB and excellent stable omnidirectional radiation characteristics. However, at high frequencies, some ripples are introduced in the radiation pattern. The frequency band of the cylindrical dipole antenna can be controllable and the size can be changed with the required band. The design details, the simulated and experimental results of the proposed omnidirectional dipole antenna, and the effect of the radome on the performance of the antenna are presented and discussed. The measured results confirm the validity of this design, which meets the requirements of wireless applications.


Dipole antenna, CST Microwave Studio, wideband, omnidirectional, wireless

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