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The multilevel inverter's impact in the area of power electronics is augmented because of its nimble nature. This paper presents an efficient switching pattern for multilevel inverters using the nearest leveled vector (NLV) strategy through a space vector control (SVC) technique. The objective is to reduce the total harmonic distortions by generating an optimal switching sequence with the newly introduced NLV-SVC for multilevel inverters. The proposed NLV modulation is applied for an asymmetrical multilevel inverter, which has a high number of levels with reduced switch count, sources, and lower switching losses. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified on a 27-level 3-cell asymmetrical multilevel inverter. The efficacy of the proposed method in terms of total harmonic distortions is compared with the existing nearest vector control (NVC) modulation strategy. Implementation and experimental verification of the proposed NLV-SVC modulation strategy for an asymmetrical cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter is presented for real-time validation with the comparison of the NVC modulation strategy.


Asymmetrical multilevel inverter, space vector control, nearest leveled vector modulation, switching pattern, better total harmonic distortion

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