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In this article, two soft error tolerant SRAM cells, the so-called RATF1 and RATF2, are proposed and evaluated. The proposed radiation hardened SRAM cells are capable of fully tolerating single event upsets (SEUs). Moreover, they show a high degree of robustness against single event multiple upsets (SEMUs). Over the previous SRAM cells, RATF1 and RATF2 offer lower area and power overhead. The Hspice simulation results through comparison with some prominent and state-of-the-art soft error tolerant SRAM cells show that our proposed robust SRAM cells have smaller area overhead (RAFT1 offers 58% smaller area than DICE), lower power delay product (RATF1 offers 231.33% and RATF2 offers 74.75% lower PDP compared with DICE), much more soft error robustness, and larger noise margins.


Single event upset (SEU), single event multiple upset (SEMU), soft error, SRAM cell

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