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In this study, we modified the old type of electro-controlled mechanical Jacquard looms for the carpet weaving industry by substituting a Jacquard controller with a modern computer running software called the "Weaving Control System", which has also been developed in the context of this study. By this modification, the Jacquard controller, which requires expensive electronic components and maintenance, has been discarded, and a contemporary computer-based solution that is easy to control and use, and cheap to install and maintain, has been employed in the place of the Jacquard controller. Even though the proposed solution has been tested on the Schleicher-type Jacquard, it is compatible with many different kinds of Jacquard machines. The new control system for the electro-controlled mechanical Jacquard loom with all of its components, which are hardware and software as a whole, has been realized on a real electro-controlled mechanical Jacquard loom.


Jacquard mechanism, Jacquard loom, Schleicher Jacquard, Takemura selection box

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