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A power amplifier (PA) is an integral component of all base stations in wireless communication systems and is used for converting DC power supply into radio frequency output power, but PAs are highly nonlinear. To achieve high power conversion efficiency, the PA is operated near saturation, which causes intermodulation products and hence results in nonlinear distortion. Digital predistortion (DPD) is a technique used to compensate for the nonlinear distortion without compromising its efficiency. Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) systems use a carrier aggregation scheme to combine separate available bandwidths to deliver high data speeds. In this paper the DPD technique has been applied to the 4G LTE downlink system using the singular value decomposition (SVD) algorithm. The 4G LTE downlink communication system has been developed for two 10 MHZ carriers aggregated together and the performance of the SVD algorithm has been evaluated in terms of AM-AM characteristics and power spectral density.


Adjacent channel leakage ratio, digital predistortion, linearization, peak to average power ratio, power amplifier, singular value decomposition, spectral regrowth

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