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This paper presents a new approach to optimize reactive power flow of multiterminal high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems. Successful application of two-terminal DC systems worldwide makes the use of multiterminal direct current (MTDC) systems more attractive. Due to the economic and technical advantages of HVDC technology, MTDC systems have been used extensively in recent years. In this study, the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is used for solution of the optimal reactive power flow problem of MTDC systems. In opposition to the current-balancing method used in the literature, this study represents a new approach for DC system power flow calculations. The proposed approach is tested on a sample IEEE MTDC test system. The results by the proposed approach are compared with those reported in the literature. Thus, the applicability and the efficiency of this approach used together with the ABC algorithm are shown.


Optimal reactive power flow, high voltage direct current system, multiterminal direct current system, artificial bee colony algorithm

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