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This paper presents a new constant frequency hysteresis current controller for the grid interface of a PV-fed three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) for a dual mode operation, feeding real power during the daytime and reactive power alone during nights, thereby acting as a STATCOM. The constant frequency is inherently achieved by means of digital implementation in a simplified manner without any complex manipulations to choose a variable band width; rather the hysteresis band varies as a natural consequence of selecting appropriate constant sampling frequency. Analytical proof is presented for the switching frequency to remain constant, without compromising on the performance indices. The design of the proposed controller for a grid-connected inverter operating in dual mode is presented, along with simulation results. The proposed controller is successfully implemented using a 1.1 kW PV array-fed inverter. The hardware results presented show the grid current harmonics complies with IEEE 1547 and has been achieved in a simpler means when compared to other existing techniques. The proposed controller is expected to be an attractive solution for grid-connected inverter applications including distributed generation, power quality, and drive applications


Hysteresis controller, constant frequency, grid-tied inverter, PV, STATCOM

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