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Automatic generation control (AGC) is an important service used for the secure and reliable operation of a power system. In this paper, a suitable AGC scheme for a deregulated environment has been studied for various load perturbation scenarios. A proportional integral derivative (PID) controller has been utilized to control the real power output of the generators. The optimal parameters of the PID controller have been determined using the big bang big crunch (BBBC) algorithm, (BBBC-PID). The performance of the BBBC-PID controller has been checked on three different sized multiarea power systems. The results obtained with the applied algorithm have also been compared with the results of other algorithms, namely imperialistic competition algorithm (ICA) and harmony search (HS). MATLAB/Simulink was used as a simulation tool for this study. The results show the superiority of the BBBC-PID over the others.


Automatic generation control, deregulation, big bang big crunch algorithm, PID controller, optimization

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