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In this study, a low-cost compact avionics instrument has been designed and implemented for light aviation vehicles such as ultralight airplanes, hang glider-trikes, and paramotors. At the moment there are a few commercial products that provide flight data and vehicle statuses such as altitude, temperature, fuel level, and engine hours meter. However, due to low production rates, customization for different air vehicles, and complex electronics and signal processing hardware, these instruments are generally far from being affordable; their cost may even be more than that of the air vehicle. This study presents a novel approach such that recent state-of-the-art hardware and sensors are utilized to provide critical flight data to the user accurately. The commercial off-the-self hardware used in the instrument may easily be acquired from the electronics market. Devices like these may be utilized not only for aviation but also sea and land vehicles, providing the user with important data at an affordable cost. In this study, design of the device is explained in detail, which may be constructed with basic electronic circuit construction tools and be utilized as an educational tool as well. The instrument that leverages flight security may be tailored for any air vehicle by using the methods in this study.


Instrumentation, embedded systems, sensors

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