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Maintaining data consistency between data cached by a mobile client and data residing in the data server is a major issue in a wireless mobile environment. In this paper, we propose a push-pull cache consistency (2P2C) mechanism, with the intention of increasing the rate of serving requestors with recent up-to-date information or data from the cache of the intermediate nodes that are exact replicas of the data present in the origin server. This is a hybrid scheme that does not rely entirely either on the server or on the mobile client for maintaining consistency. Here we employ a registration process. Based on the registration process, the proposed 2P2C mechanism follows both a server-based consistency scheme and a client-based consistency scheme. Besides this, both the server and the cache nodes can legitimately accept client registrations. Hence, this 2P2C method highly decreases unnecessary communication overhead incurred in the network and thereby considerably reduces access latency.


Caching, consistency, ad hoc network, cache management, communication overhead

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