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headlamps in the dark is inferable from the results of studies. Various regulations are available in order to arrange the required illuminance values at certain positions on the road. The designed and produced headlamps have to satisfy the requirements of these regulations. Manual measurement tools, such as the luxmeter (which are based on point-by-point measurements), have traditionally been used. This traditional way has been considered inefficient in terms of awkward setup procedures, complexity, the continuous intervention of human operators, and costs. In this study, in order to overcome these problems, a new approach for measuring the illuminance values is proposed. Combining a digital still camera with a fuzzy mapping algorithm, a fast and economic tool to measure the illuminance values of the entire measuring screen is developed. The proposed method was tested on two different brands of headlamps and its effectiveness has been proved.


Fuzzy luxmeter, opto-electronic conversion function, measurement of headlamp, fuzzy mapping algorithm

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