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bioinformatics and computational molecular biology, since these studies may result in important results in the case of diseases. Due to this, in this study, bioinformatics data were analyzed based on nucleotides and motifs. Bioinformatics data for proteins were obtained from two different databases. The obtained data belonged to cancer patients, and the genes in these DNA and protein sequences, the proteins synthesized by these sequences, and motifs in these data were analyzed. In the analysis, the ABCB1, ALOX5AP, AKT1, BRCA1, BRCA2, TNF, TNFSF13B, TP53, TP63, TP73, and WT1 genes were used. The proteins synthesized by genes belonging to similar classes were analyzed based on amino acid distributions, atomic distributions, Ramachandran plot similarities, and motifs.


Genes, proteins, cancer genes, motif discovery, Ramachandran diagrams

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