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System identification is an important process to investigate and understand the behavior of an unknown system. It aims to establish an interface between the real system and its mathematical representation. Conventional system identification methods generally need differentiable search spaces and they cannot be used for nondifferentiable multimodal search spaces. On the other hand, metaheuristic search algorithms are independent from the search space characteristics and they do not need much knowledge about the real system. The migrating birds optimization algorithm is a recently introduced nature-inspired metaheuristic neighborhood search approach. It simulates the V flight formation of migrating birds, which enables birds to save energy during migration. In this paper, first, a set of comparative performance tests by using benchmark functions are performed on the migrating birds optimization algorithm and some other well-known metaheuristics. The same metaheuristic algorithms are then employed to solve several system identification problems. The results show that the migrating birds optimization algorithm achieves promising optimizations both for benchmark tests and for system identification problems.


Migrating birds optimization, system identification, neighborhood search, swarm intelligence, metaheuristics

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