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This paper introduces a methodological system for modeling, simulation, and optimal tuning of the parameters of power system stabilizer (PSS) controllers in a multimachine power system so as to enhance transient stability. The model of a multimachine power system with PSS controllers is developed in MATLAB/Simulink for the simulation design. Simulink is a software instrument related to MATLAB, which is employed for modeling, simulating, and analyzing dynamical systems. The PSS controllers' design problem is expressed as an optimization problem; and the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is utilized so as to examine the optimal PSS controller's parameters. The power system's transient stability performance is enhanced through diminishing a time domain-based objective function, where the oscillatory rotor speed deviation of the generator is obtained. The results of the nonlinear simulations substantiate the efficacy of the proposed modeling and tuning approach for power system stability enhancement. These outcomes likewise indicate that the proposed PSS controllers are operative in damping low frequency oscillations. In addition, comparing the ABC algorithm with the genetic algorithm method shows that better performance is achieved.


Power system stabilizer design, artificial bee colony optimization, power system modeling, MATLAB/Simu- link, transient stability

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