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As a result of advances in solid-state power electronics, DC power distribution has found widespread usage due to its advantages. DC/DC converters, which are mainly used for voltage regulation, are fundamental components of DC power distribution systems. This paper presents a peak power controlled DC/DC converter design based on a two-layer hierarchical closed-loop control strategy for active DC power management. The proposed DC/DC converter design, called a power regulated DC/DC driver, limits output power according to current-voltage characteristic of a modified sigmoid function and it allows more secure and controllable power delivery in DC distribution buses. As a design example, we illustrate use of these DC/DC drivers in an active power distribution management application for electric vehicles. The MATLAB/Simulink simulation environment was used for the design and simulation of the proposed DC power distribution system. Simulation results indicate that the active power distribution management system composed of the power regulated DC/DC driver nodes can allow more reliable power distribution for electric vehicles.


DC/DC converters, hierarchical power system control, DC distribution, electric vehicles

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