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In this paper, we present a new approach for estimating the one-diode model parameters of a photovoltaic solar panel according to the irradiance and temperature. These parameters are given, at a known irradiance and temperature, from the knowledge of three operating points: short circuit, open circuit, and maximum power. In the first step, the adopted approach concerns the resolution of the system of equations constituting the three operating points to write all the model parameters according to series resistance. Secondly, we make an iterative resolution at the optimal operating point by using the Newton--Raphson method to calculate the series resistance value as well as the model parameters. Once the last ones are identified, we consider other equations for taking into account the irradiance and temperature effect. The simulation results show the convergence speed of the model parameters and the possibility of visualizing the electrical behavior of the panel according to the irradiance and temperature. With the identified model, we can develop algorithms of maximum power point tracking and make simulations of PV systems.


Renewable energy, solar, photovoltaic, parameters identification, modeling and simulation, maximum power point tracking

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