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This paper discusses cogging torque minimization techniques in surface-mounted, axial-flux, multirotor permanent magnet synchronous disc motors in order to eliminate cogging components and obtain sinusoidal back-EMF for low-speed applications. Cogging torque minimization techniques are examined in detail with a focus on magnet skewing and pole and rotor shifting in order to obtain zero cogging. Some magnet shape and rotor design alternatives with conventional skew planar magnets were investigated based on 3D finite element analysis (FEA). Improvements compared to unskewed reference axial-flux permanent magnet (AFPM) motor design are presented. A prototype AFPM motor was built and tested based on the analyses. Results obtained from FEA and experimental study are well matched and it was shown that zero cogging and sinusoidal back-EMF can be obtained even for integer slot axial-flux PM motors with the proposed low-cost cogging torque minimization methods.


Axial-flux permanent magnet motor, cogging torque reduction, magnet skewing, pole shifting, magnet shifting, rotor shifting

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