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The recent advancement in electric energy storage technologies provides an opportunity of using energy storage systems to address the issues of grid-integrated wind energy conversion systems. This paper proposes a novel configuration of a unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) with a supercapacitor-based short-term energy storage system for managing wind power intermittency during grid faults. The STATCOM-like compensation device can compensate only current related issues. The dynamic voltage restorer can compensate voltage-related issues but it can contribute only 50{\%} voltage due to converter rating limitations. Moreover, real power handling capabilities of these devices are very poor. This new UPQC scheme can compensate voltage sag, negative sequence current, and real and reactive powers from 0.1 pu to 0.9 pu. The proposed system improves fault ride-through capability of the wind turbine generators and satisfies the grid code requirement. A synchronous reference frame-based control method is employed for the UPQC. The energy storage system is controlled using a two-quadrant DC/DC converter. The proposed model was developed and tested in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.


Wind energy conversion system, unified power quality conditioner, power quality, DC/DC converter, supercapacitor, energy storage system

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