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This paper proposes a discrete-time model-reference sliding mode control of three-phase four-leg voltage source inverters for stand-alone distributed generation systems. Three-phase four-leg voltage source inverters (VSIs) are used in a broad area. A discrete-time model-reference sliding mode controller, having superior advantages such as insensitivity to external disturbances, system parameter variations, and modeling errors, is applied to control the output voltage of three-phase four-leg VSIs. As a new study, the discrete-time model-reference sliding mode control with a supplemented output feedback integral controller is proposed so that the controlled output voltages of the VSI tracks the input reference signal. The controller is designed using the augmented discrete-time error dynamics presented in this paper and is applied to control the output voltage control of a three-phase four-leg based uninterruptable power supply. It is shown that the output voltage of the VSI controlled by the proposed method is accurately regulated for various load conditions such as linear balanced/unbalanced, nonlinear balanced/unbalanced, and instantaneous load changes. The robustness of the proposed method against variations by 20{\%}--50{\%} in R, L, and C filter parameters and 5 different cases are showed. \vs{1mm}


Voltage source inverter, sliding mode controller, four-leg inverter, model reference, distributed generation systems, stand-alone

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