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In this paper, an effective classification approach to classify harmonic data has been proposed. In the proposed classifier approach, harmonic data obtained through a 3-phase system have been classified by using $k$-means and least square support vector machine (LS-SVM) models. In order to obtain class details regarding harmonic data, a $k$-means clustering algorithm has been applied to these data first. The training of the LS-SVM model has been realized with the class details obtained through the $k$-means algorithm. To increase the efficiency of the LS-SVM model, the regularization and kernel parameters of this model have been determined with a grid search method and the training phase has been realized. Backpropagation neural network and J48 decision tree classifiers have been applied to the same data and results have been obtained for the purpose of comparing the performance of the LS-SVM model. The real data obtained from the output of distribution system have been used to assess the performance of the proposed classifier system. The obtained results and comparisons suggest that the proposed classifier system approach is quite efficient at classifying harmonic data.


Harmonic, measurement, data mining, LS-SVM, $k$-means

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