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In this study, an EI core linear actuator is proposed for horizontal movement systems. It is a transverse flux linear switched reluctance motor designed with an EI core structure geometrically. The actuator is configured into three phases and at a 6/4 pole ratio, and it has a stationary active stator along with a sliding passive translator. The stator consists of E cores and the translator consists of I cores. The actuator has a yokeless design because the stator and translator have no back iron. The E and I cores are separated from each other to provide a fault-tolerant design and decrease the weight. The proposed model is analyzed by 3D finite element method. Phase inductance, flux linkage, and axial forces are examined by magnetostatic finite element analysis and verified by analytical approximations and experimental results. Under DC 8 A phase excitation, propulsion force is 72.57 N and corresponding power consumption is 115.5 W. This has advantages for horizontal movement systems.


Transverse flux switched reluctance motor, linear switched reluctance motor, linear actuator

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