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Power transformers are considered to be one of the most essential and costly pieces of equipment in a power system. Identifying insulation faults in the shortest possible time prevents the occurrence of irreparable damage. Partial discharge (PD) is one of the most significant insulation faults. The first step in the study of PD is the precise modeling of transformer winding at high frequencies. In this paper, the finite element method is used to calculate the parameters for a detailed model of transformer winding. For this reason, a detailed model of transformer winding and the analytic formulations are first presented for the calculation of the parameters of the model. Using two-dimensional finite element methods, the 20-kV transformer winding is then simulated according to exact technical specifications and designed using Maxwell software. After that, the parameters for the detailed model presented in this paper are derived and calculated. Finally, the validity of the model in the frequency range is determined by applying a similar PD pulse on the real and simulated models.


Partial discharge, power transformers, finite element analysis, detailed model

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