Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences




This paper presents findings on performance benchmarking of cellular network operators in Turkey. Benchmarking is based on measurements of standard key performance indicators (KPIs) in one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey, Ankara. Performance benchmarking is formulated by incorporating customer perception by conducting surveys on how important KPIs are from the user's point of view. KPIs are measured, with standard test equipment, by drive test method on specified routes. According to the performance benchmarking results, the GSM and UMTS network operators achieving the best performance were determined in Ankara. Speech qualities of network operators, as the most popular service, were also evaluated by several statistical methods including pdf/cdf analysis and chi-square and Fisher's exact tests. The network operator providing the highest speech quality in Ankara was determined with the methods applied. Overall, the results and approaches on benchmarking of cellular networks in Turkey are reported for the first time in this paper. The approaches proposed in this paper could be adapted to wide-scale benchmarking of services in cellular networks.


Cellular networks, benchmarking, key performance indicators, speech assessment, quality of service

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