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This paper describes the design and implementation of infrared (IR) and laser-based electronic ciphering systems for use in both indoor and outdoor wireless remote control applications. To communicate between a user and a lock module in a secure way, the proposed systems utilize IR and laser frequencies instead of radio frequencies. Each proposed system has its specific security design. A new communication protocol is also generated, which is compatible for use with IR and laser technologies. The proposed electronic ciphering systems' prototypes are realized together with software and hardware components. They are instrumented using the peripheral interface controller series microcontrollers. All of the designs are made effective in terms of cost and size. Widespread and easy applications of the proposed wireless remote control systems will completely meet the security needs of users in daily life, such as home or office security, immobilizer applications, personal computers, and other personnel electronic equipment.


Wireless remote control, security, IR, laser, electronic ciphering

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