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In this paper, a model-free controller with an observer is presented for a class of uncertain continuous-time multiinput-multioutput nonlinear dynamic systems. The proposed model-free control law consists of 2 parts: the first part is a linear control term used to specify the dynamics of the closed loop system, and the second part is a compensator of the effects of uncertainties and external disturbances. The compensator is synthesized from an estimator of the effects of uncertainties and disturbances based on the Lyapunov approach. In order to estimate the unavailable states of the controlled system, a linear state observer is designed. All of the signals in the closed-loop system are proved to be uniformly ultimately bounded using the Lyapunov stability theory. The effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed control strategy are examined in a real-time application for a helicopter with 3 degrees of freedom.


3-DOF helicopter, model-free control, linear state observer, MIMO nonlinear systems

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