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The overall configuration of a magnetic suspension decoupling control system is designed to realize the reliable digital control of a 3-phase bearingless induction motor whose rotor windings are not pole-specific. Based on a digital signal processor complementary metal-oxide semiconductor chip, the digital control hardware and software systems are analyzed and designed. In this paper, the calculation and regulation of the motor rotational speed, correction and regulation methods of the radial displacements, calculation and compensation algorithms of the unilateral magnetic pulls, induction compensation algorithm of the effective suspension control current, current regulation, and space-vector pulse width modulation algorithms, are presented in detail. The experimental results verify the feasibility and practicability of the designed decoupling digital control system of the 3-phase bearingless induction motor.


Three-phase bearingless induction motor, magnetic suspension decoupling control, digital control system, measurement and regulation of signals, compensation and control

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