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The stability of modern interconnected thermal power systems is greatly affected by the presence of low-frequency inertial oscillations in the system, due to various forms of disturbances experienced. This paper provides an efficient damping solution to these oscillations based on nature-inspired modified cuckoo search algorithm-based controller design. The proposed controller design is formulated as a parameter optimization problem based on damping ratio and time-domain error deviations. The effectiveness of the proposed damping controller design is illustrated by performing the nonlinear time domain simulations of the test multimachine power systems under various operating conditions and disturbances. Moreover, an exhaustive comparative stability analysis is performed based on the damping performance of the modified cuckoo search controller design over the genetic algorithm-based and cuckoo search algorithm-based controller designs.


Low-frequency inertial oscillations, damping ratio, nature-inspired optimization, cuckoo search algorithm, multimachine thermal systems

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