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The development of distributed generations (DGs) is essential to help solve energy crises and improve the reliability of electricity supplies. However, the involvement of a DG in a grid along with an increase of the nonlinear load will reduce the power quality. To solve this problem, we want the converter used in the DG to work flexibly, intelligently, and more accurately. To contribute to the improvement of quality of the DG, this paper proposes a multifunction converter (MFC) model. With the proposed model, the photovoltaic generator, which can be operated at harmonic suppression, and the power injection are more flexible than in the conventional controller used in DG. The controller of the MFC, which is designed based on the Lyapunov function, always ensures the stability of the system. Simulations and experimental results are presented to validate the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed model.


Active power filter, photovoltaic system, distributed generation, multifunction converter, stability theory

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