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The performance of the state estimation (SE) depends on the accuracy of the received measured data, as well as the parameter data of the power system. In this paper, a new algorithm is proposed for the simultaneous identification and correction of measurement and branch parameter errors (series and shunt admittances) in the power system SE problem. The proposed method uses Lagrange multipliers for the identification and correction of branch parameter errors without the need for a-priori specification of suspect parameter vectors. Erroneous measurements and branch parameter values can be corrected using the proposed method to estimate the measurement and branch parameter errors. Finally, IEEE 14-, 30-, and 57-bus test systems are used to show the validity and robustness of the proposed algorithm. Single, multiple, and simultaneous errors in the conventional measurements and branch parameters are considered for different case studies.


State estimation, measurement errors, branch parameter errors, Lagrange multiplier, normalized residual

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