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In this paper, an auto-tuned fuzzy load frequency controller (FLFC)-based artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is developed to quench the deviations in the frequency and tie-line power due to load disturbances in an interconnected power system. Optimal tuning of membership functions (MFs) and fuzzy control rules is very important to improve the design performance and achieve a satisfactory level of robustness for a particular operation. In this work, to reduce the fuzzy system design effort and take large parametric uncertainties into account, a new systematic and simultaneous tuning method is developed for designing MFs and fuzzy rules. For this, the designing problem is restructured as an optimization problem and the ABC algorithm is employed to solve it. This newly developed method provides some advantages such as a flexible controller with a simple structure and easy algorithm. For the purpose of the proposed method's evaluation, the designed controller is applied to a 2-area power system with considerations regarding governor saturation and the results are compared to the one obtained by a classic proportional-integral controller. Simulation results show better operation and improved system parameters, such as the settling time and step response rise time, using the proposed approach, in the presence of system parameter variations.


Fuzzy logic controller, artificial bee colony, load frequency control

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