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A memristor is a newly found fundamental circuit element whose behavior can be predicted using either the charge-dependent function called memristance or the flux-dependent function called memductance. Therefore, it is important to find the memristance or memductance function of a memristor. To the best of our knowledge, there is no methodology describing how to obtain the memristance function or memristor characteristic in the literature for this purpose as of yet. In this work, a methodology is suggested to find the memristance or memductance functions. The methodology suggests first doing several experiments with a memristor using a square-wave signal to acquire data and then using an algorithm inspired by the experience on ionic memristors reported in the literature to obtain its memristance and memductance functions. The methodology is applied to calculate the memristance function and memristor characteristic of a memristor emulator. Justifications for this method are also given.


Memristor modeling, modeling methodology, memristor emulator, memristive systems, memristance calculation

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