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This study presents a comparison of linear and nonlinear control to regulate the DC-link voltage and power factor correction of a wind farm equipped with squirrel cage induction generators (SCIGs), connecting to a 22-kV distribution network. Both active and reactive powers are employed in 2 independent control laws. The proposed control strategies are derived from the Lyapunov approach. The aim of the control is to maximize the generated power with the lowest possible impact in the grid voltage and frequency during normal operation and under the occurrence of faults. The nonlinear backstepping controller to be used for the control of the designed system is studied and compared with a classical proportional-integral controller for performance validation. The entire designed system is modeled and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink.


Renewable energy, wind farm, squirrel cage induction generator, DC-link voltage control, power factor correction control, nonlinear control, backstepping approach, distribution network

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