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In this study, the aim was to lift loads that required more force using the infrastructure of existing vehicles. To this end, a truck-mounted diesel engine was selected to be used in mobile crane applications. A control system was designed and implemented to obtain the appropriate hydraulic force by accessing the diesel engine with a controller area network bus via an electronic control unit (ECU). For this purpose, hydraulic pumps to be used to operate the crane were mounted on the selected mobile diesel engine with an ECU. Firms that manufacture cranes in the world produce cranes with infrastructure. This study was conducted in order to mount a telescopic crane that has a capacity to lift 50 t (with a radius of 3 m) on vehicles with standard infrastructure in Turkey. The other aim of this study was to determine the transactions that the crane operator made during operation in the past and log these data.


CAN bus, CAN J1939, mobile crane, diesel engine, electronic control unit

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