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Air combat simulation systems (ACSSs) are developed to train fighter pilots (trainees) in a virtual combat environment. In general, an ACSS consists of the following stages: planning the scenario, training, flight analysis, and performance evaluation. In this paper, the details of the framework, which is developed to analyze and evaluate the performance of the trainees, is introduced. First, the evaluation criteria for the pilot performance are defined. Next, a dynamic pilot performance evaluation system is developed that can be controlled and modified by experienced instructor pilots (instructors/trainers) to define the performance criteria details using predefined evaluation parameters. The evaluation of the trainees is conducted at the end of the flight and then a report related to the trainees' performance is generated. Eleven of the performance criteria are within the scope of this paper; however, the proposed system provides an extensible infrastructure to define new criteria and parameters.


Air combat, performance evaluation, performance criteria

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