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Time difference of arrival (TDOA)-based methods usually achieve the most accurate source localization in passive systems. In these methods, one of the sensors is assigned as the reference and the TDOA of the others with respect to the reference is measured. The source location is estimated by processing these TDOAs. In this paper, a multireference maximum likelihood (ML)-Taylor algorithm is proposed in order to decrease the source localization error of the TDOA methods. In the proposed algorithm, TDOAs are measured assuming 2 different reference sensors, and then the ML objective function of this multireference TDOA algorithm is derived and solved using Taylor series linearization. The developed method is evaluated regarding a 2-dimensional space with some different but deterministic sensor locations. Monte Carlo simulation is used to evaluate the proposed solution. The simulation results show that the proposed method has better performance relative to the other traditional TDOA-based algorithms.


Source localization, multireference TDOA, Taylor series, maximum likelihood

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