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This paper proposes an optimization method for the optimal placement of phasor measurement units (PMUs) for the complete observability of power systems. The proposed method is based on numerical observability and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence algorithm used is the improved tabu search (ITS) algorithm. The ITS is used to find the optimal placement for the PMU to keep the system completely observable. In addition, the paper describes a predictive out-of-step (OOS) algorithm based on the observation of the voltage phase difference between the substations. The proposed optimal placement of the PMUs and the OOS algorithm is tested using the IEEE 6-bus and IEEE 14-bus systems, and the Egyptian 500 kV network. The test systems are simulated using the power system computer aided design software program. The placement algorithm and the OOS prediction algorithm are carried out using MATLAB script programs.


Improved tabu search, observability, optimal placement

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