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With the expansion of electric power systems, the size and complexity of the network is increased. One of the most important drawbacks of network expansion is the reduction in the damping torque of the whole system. The lack of damping torque can lead to fluctuations and instability in the power system. With regard to this problem, power system stabilizers (PSSs) have been widely utilized to improve power system stability. However, due to some drawbacks of the conventional PSSs, the need for finding a better substitution still remains. Therefore, in this paper, the application of a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) to improve dynamic stability of a multimachine electric power system is presented and a supplementary stabilizer based on the STATCOM is incorporated. Intelligence optimization methods such as particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithms are considered for tuning the parameters of the proposed stabilizer. Several nonlinear time-domain simulation tests visibly show the ability of the STATCOM in damping power system oscillations.


Flexible AC transmission systems, static synchronous compensator, damping of power system oscillations, dynamic stability enhancement, multimachine electric power system

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