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This paper presents a newly developed approach to find the optimal location of distributed generations (DGs) to improve power system voltage stability margin and reduce losses incorporating the constraints. The loadability limit index is used to assess the static voltage stability security margin, which is associated with the point of voltage collapse limit. Based on this, a toolbox is developed to recognize the loadability margin in power networks. Finally, the mentioned problem is modeled as a nonlinear and multiobjective optimization problem. The proposed method establishes a tradeoff between the security index and power losses in DG placement using the hybrid particle swarm optimization (HPSO) algorithm method to reach the best performance and acceptable operation. The simulations are performed on IEEE 14- and IEEE 30-bus test systems to find the optimal location of the DGs. The results are compared with the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to ascertain the effectiveness.


Distributed generations, static voltage stability, load ability limit, power loss, hybrid particle swarm optimization, nonlinear optimization

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