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The influence of the position of the metallic signal strip on the cutoff characteristic of the dominant mode and the field patterns in 3 types of trapezoidal microshield lines are calculated by the edge-based finite element method. These trapezoidal microshield lines include trapezoidal microshield lines with a single signal line, dual signal lines, and 3 signal lines. The cutoff wavelength of the dominant mode can be adjusted by changing the dimensions of metallic signal strips as well as by adjusting their positions. Field patterns of the dominant mode and the first-higher-order mode for different dimensions and the dielectric constant of the dielectric substrate are also illustrated. The numerical results in this article provide an extension of the existing design data of trapezoidal microshield lines and are useful in practical applications.


Cutoff wavelength of dominant mode, field patterns, single signal line, dual signal lines, three signal lines, trapezoidal microshield line, edge-based finite element method

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