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The wireless body area sensor network (WBASN) is a type of wireless sensor network. The wireless sensor nodes in a WBASN are placed on, near, or within a human body. In a medical healthcare system, WBASNs continuously provide healthcare monitoring, especially of elderly or ill people, wherever the patient goes. Wireless nodes sense and process human vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiration. They then send collected data to a medical center via a base station in order for medical professionals to monitor the patient's health. In the medical center, doctors and caregivers need monitoring systems or interfaces to process, analyze, and visualize the received data from WBASN-based systems. In this paper, we present a web-based remote monitoring interface, HealthFace, for medical healthcare systems based on a WBASN. Users can easily access the developed HealthFace via any Internet-connected device, such as a PC, PDA, laptop, or cell phone, without needing any special software or programs except for a web browser. In addition, the implemented HealthFace presents several features, including recording, displaying, and analyzing collected data from the sensor nodes using MATLAB Builder NE with Web Figure. Web Figure enables users to utilize 3-dimensional view, zoom, and movement functions.


Wireless body area sensor networks (WBASN), telemedicine, remote monitoring interface, HealthFace

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