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We present a new formulation method to solve the kinematic problem of multiarm robot systems. Our major aims were to formulize the kinematic problem in a compact closed form and avoid singularity problems in the inverse kinematic solution. The new formulation method is based on screw theory and quaternion algebra. Screw theory is an effective way to establish a global description of a rigid body and avoids singularities due to the use of the local coordinates. The dual quaternion, the most compact and efficient dual operator to express screw displacement, was used as a screw motion operator to obtain the formulation in a compact closed form. Inverse kinematic solutions were obtained using Paden-Kahan subproblems. This new formulation method was implemented into the cooperative working of 2 St\"{a}ubli RX160 industrial robot-arm manipulators. Simulation and experimental results were derived.


Cooperative working of multiarm robot systems, dual quaternion, industrial robot application, screw theory, singularity-free inverse kinematic

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