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An improved simulator is presented for the simulation of an energy-efficient ground-penetrating radar (GPR) using the 2D finite-difference time-domain method in the MATLAB environment. This simulator is novel in that it improves on previous work that did not involve scanning a buried object or the intermittent sublayer beneath the ground using an energy-efficient algorithm. The present simulator examines the scanned region and automatically chooses either a common algorithm or an energy-efficient algorithm, depending on the region. The simulator provides the possibility of using an energy-efficient GPR without the need for the operator to determine the suitability of the scanned region. Three different models are defined to confirm the validity of the simulator. These models separately include an inclined sublayer, a rough sublayer, and a buried object. The obtained results show that the energy-efficient GPR can be used in all types of regions.


Energy saving, finite-difference time-domain, ground-penetrating radar, numerical computing

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