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In this study, a designed proportional-integral (PI) controller and a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) that fix the voltage amplitude to a constant value of 380 V and 50 Hz for loads supplied from a wind/battery hybrid energy system are explained and compared. The quality of the power produced by the wind turbine is affected by the continuous and unpredictable variations of the wind speed. Therefore, voltage-stabilizing controllers must be integrated into the system in order to keep the voltage magnitude and frequency constant at the load terminals, which requires constant voltage and frequency. A fuzzy logic-based controller to be used for the voltage control of the designed hybrid system is proposed and compared with a classical PI controller for performance validation. The entire designed system is modeled and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink GUI (graphical user interface) with all of its subcomponents.


Fuzzy logic controller, proportional-integral controller, renewable energy, wind turbine

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