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In this study, a conventional PID type fuzzy controller and parameter adaptive fuzzy controller are designed to control vibrations actively of a light rail transport vehicle which modeled as 6 degree-of-freedom system and compared performances of these two controllers. Rail vehicle model consists of a passenger seat and its suspension system, vehicle body, bogie, primary and secondary suspensions and wheels. The similarity between mathematical model and real system is shown by comparing uncontrolled simulation results and vibration measurements. For carrying a comfortable travel, rail vehicle body and passenger seat vibrations are minimized by adding a controller between rail vehicle body and bogie in the model of this system. To control vibrations actively, a PID type fuzzy controller which is obtained by combining fuzzy PI and fuzzy PD controllers is preferred because of its robust character and superior performance. The PID type fuzzy controller using parameter adaptive method is designed by tuning the parameters online. Also, obtaining higher performance from this controller is studied.


Railway system, vibration control, PID type fuzzy controller, parameters adaptive method

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