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In this study, an effective Real Coded Genetic Algorithm (GA) based optimal fuzzy controller is proposed. The fuzzy controller is used for sensorless speed control of a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor in DSP based application system. The advantages of adopting a real coded GA for the design and optimization of fuzzy controllers, which have a great deal of design and optimization parameters, are analyzed. Having accomplished optimization of developed fuzzy control system, a multi-objective performance index has been defined and it has been used as an objective function to be minimized in the real coded GA. Thus, the system can obtain optimal design parameters in a short time without the need of an expert assistance. Convergence of the control system performance index and speed responses of the BLDC motor have been provided as a result of study. The obtained results indicate that there is close agreement between simulation and experimental results.


Fuzzy control, real Coded GA, performance index, BLDC motor, DSP, sensorless control

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